Jira Advanced Workflows

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Jira Advanced Workflows In this tutorial we will discuss Jira Advanced Workflows     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hBj8ZrQbWlQ

Jira: How to make a field required or optional

How to Make a field Required or Optional Jira Series How to make a field Required or Optional: The tutorial describes how Jira administrators can configure custom fields as required or optional.  Check the video below for details: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3Lb1T4liGw

Additional Delivery KPI

Additional Delivery KPI EazyBI Series Additional Delivery KPI Additional KPI Description Total number of originally unplanned story points that were delivered in a sprint (e.g. Ad Hoc delivery items Formula # Unplanned StoryPoints Delivered / # StoryPoints Planned Periodicity By Sprint Category Increased Productivity -> Predictability What is good value/ trend? Should trend downward overall, […]

EazyBI Reliability and Spill Over KPI

Realiability & Spill Over KPI EazyBI Series Welcome to the EazyBI Reporting Series.  I will discuss how you can build the Sprint Reliablity and Spill Over KPIs. Reliablity KPI Description Predictability of the development team on a sprint/release base  Formula # Planned Story Points Delivered / # StoryPoints Planned Periodicity By Sprint What is good […]