Additional Delivery KPI

Additional Delivery KPI EazyBI Series Additional Delivery KPI Additional KPI Description Total number of originally unplanned story points that were delivered in a sprint (e.g. Ad Hoc delivery items Formula # Unplanned StoryPoints Delivered / # StoryPoints Planned Periodicity By Sprint Category Increased Productivity -> Predictability What is good value/ trend? Should trend downward overall, […]

EazyBI Reliability and Spill Over KPI

Realiability & Spill Over KPI EazyBI Series Welcome to the EazyBI Reporting Series.  I will discuss how you can build the Sprint Reliablity and Spill Over KPIs. Reliablity KPI Description Predictability of the development team on a sprint/release base  Formula # Planned Story Points Delivered / # StoryPoints Planned Periodicity By Sprint What is good […]

Remove Tripod from 360 photo

Virtual reality 360 degrees panorama of sky

Remove Tripod from a 360 image In this tutorial I will show you how you can remove the Tripod from a 360 image using Adobe Photoshop. Removing your tripod is actually easier than you think. You will need adobe photoshop and follow the simple step by step instructions below. Load your stitched 360° image. Go to […]