Additional Delivery KPI

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Additional Delivery KPI

Additional KPI Description

Total number of originally unplanned story points that were delivered in a sprint (e.g. Ad Hoc delivery items


# Unplanned StoryPoints Delivered / # StoryPoints Planned


By Sprint


Increased Productivity -> Predictability

What is good value/ trend?

Should trend downward overall, however by nature this metric may be slightly unpredictable

When to be alarmed?

Recurring high values or consistent upward trend

Corrective Behavior

Shows extra work teams are performing on sprint, if this metric is trending up can be used to help push teams to improve their planning process or discuss cultural items around improved planning processes.


Additional Story Points Delivered = 3

Total Story Points planned = 50

  Thus, Additional Delivery = [3/50]*100% = 6%

Report Configuration

  • Sprint Story Points not Committed and Completed measure:
  • Added Delivery Measure:
  • Insert the “Sprint” Dimension under the “Rows” Section and set the hierarchy to the “Sprint” Level.  Ensure that the Sprint dimension is also selected as a Page so that you are able to sort by various boards.  
  • Select the “Bar” graph and select “Vertical” and add the Data labels.  The report should look like this

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