Remove Tripod from a 360 image

In this tutorial I will show you how you can remove the Tripod from a 360 image using Adobe Photoshop. Removing your tripod is actually easier than you think. You will need adobe photoshop and follow the simple step by step instructions below.

  • Load your stitched 360° image.
  1. Go to 3D, Spherical Panorama, New Panarama Layer from Selected Layer, so it changes the view to a VR player view (Tiny Planet Style)
  • Locate the tripod
  • Use the magic Wand to select the tripd. (Zoom in for a clearer close up view of your tripod, so you can see what you are doing)
  •  Go to Edit, Fill, and select Content Aware
  • Your tripod shoud be replaced the surrounding content
  • Go to 3D, Spherical Panorama, and Export Panaroma
  • Name the file and save it
  •  When viewed in your 360° player there’ll be no sign of the camera or equipment. Job done!

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